How to Add or Change Quick Chats or Messages in the PUBG Mobile Android Game

Changing Messages or Resetting Messages or Chats in the PUBG Mobile Game

In a battle, there must be one way of communication, for example by making certain movements as a code or cue in attacking or providing information on the opponent’s position. in the pubg mobile game, we have actually been provided with a chat that is set by default, where this chat message can be useful in a match or game in the pubg mobile game.

We can use this Quick Chat to notify our team to gather, indicate the location of an enemy, or even ask our team for help. actually we can communicate via voicemail, but certain conditions make us unable to do so. For example, when we meet a team or friends from different countries, when we are not fluent in English of course we cannot use our everyday language to communicate because they do not necessarily understand what we are talking about. Besides that, even though we are fluent in English, our friend can’t understand English, so it’s useless.

With this quick chat feature, we will be able to give a signal to our team even though they are in different countries at once. for those of you who want to add and replace the existing quick chat options, then you can follow the following tutorial:

  1. Open your PUBG mobile game and open the Settings menu (gear icon)
  2. After that you select Quick Chat > ​​Change and after that you will be faced with 3 types of chat groups, namely Tactics, Movement, discussion. choose one type of chat, for example, I choose Movement. there will be a large collection of chats, choose one and the way to choose is to click once on the chat message, then click enter on the In game message. if you want to change an existing chat, you just have to cross-click on the in-game message and click on the message that was selected then enter on the list that was replaced earlier. Look at the following picture
    How to Add or Change Quick Chats or Messages in the PUBG Mobile Android Game
    Pay attention to the description or text in the picture
  3. in the picture above it is clear how to set it up, you can follow the method in the picture. if it’s just click ok.

From following the tutorial above, you can replace the existing Quick Chat easily and quickly. If you have difficulties, please provide your comments, I will upload the tutorial video on my YouTube channel. leave your traces here in the comments column.

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