How to Play Solo vs Squad or Duo Vs Squad in PUBG Mobile Android and IOS Games Easily

Play Alone Against Team Squad In PUBG Game On Android

In the Pubg Mobile Game, a variety of game modes and maps have been provided. we can choose according to our wishes to play in solo, duo or squad mode. play solo against solo, solo against duo and solo against squad. solo means we only play alone without friends, aka singles. besides that there is also a choice of duo versus duo, duo versus squad, or three against squad and so on.

You must have heard the term solo player, yes this term represents us when playing alone in a match. We play without friends, and there are only enemies in the game. different from when you play duo mode but feel solo or play squad but feel solo, because this is our choice, because we set it to solo mode so we will play alone in a game.

In the pubg mobile game we can manage everything according to our wishes, want to play solo, want to play duo or want to play squad. then how to play solo versus squad or how to play duo versus squad? let’s start with you guys following the way I will give below:

  1. Open your pubg mobile game, and choose as shown below
  2. Before starting the match, we will arrange several things so that we can play solo versus duo or solo versus squad. Pay attention to the settings in the image below
    How to Play Solo vs Squad or Duo Vs Squad in PUBG Mobile Android and IOS Games Easily
    In this picture, I do squad settings and turn off the search for friend selection automatically. this is so that we can play alone or solo against the squad.
  3. In picture number 2 is an example of setting solo against squad, if you want solo versus duo, you can change the squad mode to duo mode, and turn off the friend selection setting automatically, then we will be solo players in the game mode.

So the point is that we only need to turn off or disable the auto matching option, then we will automatically play solo. but you can still invite friends in your game friends to play with you. for example, you want to play alone with your crush, then you can try it in squad mode, the easy way is to just invite your girlfriend or your game friends and turn off the auto matching option, then you are sure to play alone or in threes without anyone Add random friends again.

how easy isn’t it? This tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to know how to set the game mode. so that’s all the information I can give you, hopefully you can play as you want. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this article, don’t forget to leave a comment, guys..!!

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