How to Set a Timer for an App on the Latest Android

Giving Time to Android Apps – this time the informant will share information on how to set or assign a timer to a particular application. for those of you who have tried using android pie in the settings section you will see the Digital Wellbeing application.

This Digital Wellbeing application is an application created by Google to help us manage our smartphones. this app was introduced in android 9.0 and is now available on play store. This digital wellbeing application contains the features and controls needed to help provide brief information on using our Android smartphones.

This digital wellbeing application allows us to be able to manage all application notifications installed on smartphones, set time or provide time limits on installed applications, and we are given information about how long to use an application, information on the number of notifications received and how many times we unlock the smartphone. our.

For friends who want to limit themselves in using certain applications, you can control them by setting a time limit for using the application with the Digital Wellbeing application, of course. here are some pictures that you can see to see the details of using the time limit in an application that you want to limit its use

In this image contains a record of my android usage in the past half day, there is the number of notifications, there is a summary of the time of use in each application and others.

If you have set a timer on your application then don’t be surprised if the application becomes unusable. You can set the time of the application as you like. In fact, this digital wellbeing application is very good for controlling the use of Android specifically for today’s young children. I think this is the right way for their parents to control the use of games and YouTube applications that are often played by children. why children? because they don’t really understand how to change the controls on their device, while for junior high school kids I think someone already understands the brains of tinkering with their cellphones. this is just my opinion, because this application is actually made to control our application without having to look at his age and who he is. later if you time your application then you will experience something like in the picture below

this is not an error but the chrome application is being given a timer through the digital wellbeing application

I think it will be easier for you to understand after you install the digital wellbeing application, because direct practice will be easier to understand. that’s the information about digital wellbeing that I can convey. Sorry if the information provided is still incomplete, because I myself will still be updating this article to add some other update information later.

That’s all from the informants, I hope this article can be useful and friends can get information about digital wellbeing. Thank you for dropping by at my blog.

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