How to get a permanent free parachute in the latest PUBG Mobile

Puzzle Event Gets Parachute Claims That Can Be Used Permanently – PUBG Mobile has changed seasons and there are lots of prizes that can be obtained, but you have to upgrade the royalpass. in addition to the royalpass update, pubg mobile also added some changes such as weather with lightning and rain. all of that we can get randomly just like getting the night mode feature. rain and lightning modes on pubg mobile can still be obtained randomly.

today we will discuss a puzzle event that some of our friends may not know about. This event rewards a free parachute given by Tencent in the PUBG Mobile game. You can read the event limit in the PUBG Mobile application.

You only need to arrange the puzzle until it’s finished and you can claim the free parachute prize easily and for free. The rules for getting puzzle pieces in the free parachute event on pubg mobile are as follows:

  1. Login once and get the puzzle piece once. so by just logging in we can get one puzzle piece randomly and for free.
  2. Played in Classic Mode 5,10 and 15 times. after you play 15 times you can claim the puzzle pieces, both 5x missions, and 10x you can claim too.

You can see this event on your game application and please complete the Chicken Dinner Feast event to claim a cool parachute for free. follow the picture below to take part in the chicken dinner feast on your pubg mobile.

  1. Open your pubg mobile application and click event in the lower right corner
    How to get a permanent free parachute in the latest PUBG Mobile
  2. After that click on the picture of the chicken to see the parachute event
    How to get a permanent free parachute in the latest PUBG Mobile
    You can see this picture for detailed information on the chicken dinner feast event to get a parachute for free in the pubg mobile game

After all the puzzle pieces are open, then you can claim the cool parachute prize for free on your pubg mobile. for friends who want to finish this event, you have to be diligent in playing games on this pubg mobile. here is the video version:

That’s all the information from the informant this time, I hope the information about the chicken dinner feast event to get a cool parachute from this pubg mobile game can be useful for all of your friends. Thank you for dropping by on this simple blog, don’t forget to share it with all of your friends.

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