How to enter a new account in the PUBG Mobile Android game without having to delete application data

Tutorial to Change PUBG Mobile Account Easily On Our Smartphone

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game is very popular, many of us even play in this pubg mobile game. In the past, this pubg mobile game could only be played on a laptop or on a PC and was paid. paid because to be able to play it we have to buy the pc version of the pubg game on steam. for the idr, I don’t understand now.

what is clear is that this pubg mobile game is on the rise and many players from the moba game are moving to pubg games or similar battle royal games like free fire and others. maybe it’s because this pubg game is free that’s why a lot of people start playing it, and of course the game is also fun.

when we first install this pubg game, we will be asked to do some character settings for our game and fill in the name of the game. I have written all about this in this blog, please check the pubg mobile game category and read on, who knows if there is something useful for all of you.

for those of you who like to farm game accounts, aka one account is not enough, this time I will give a tutorial on how to replace the old account with our new account. or if you want to recreate your pubg game account then you can follow the tutorial provided later. we don’t need to delete the pubg mobile game application data, so we only need one empty facebook account in order to create a new account again. the empty account means that the account has never been associated with the pubg mobile game so that later we can create a new account again.

The initial steps are as follows:

  1. Have a facebook account, google account, and twitter account that is not related to the pubg mobile game.
  2. If you have logged in on your Facebook application using a Facebook account that is already linked to a Pubg Mobile account, then immediately log out / exit the Facebook account.
  3. Login with a Facebook account that is not related to the pubg game on the facebook application

The second step is to:

  1. Open your PUBG game and Click Settings>Select Logout
    How to enter a new account in the PUBG Mobile Android game without having to delete application data

  2. Next we will be faced with the option to login or re-register with a new account. there are 4 options provided, you can login or register with twitter, facebook, google playgames, and guest. In this tutorial, we will only log in with a Facebook account, of course you can choose according to your wishes to log in or register with whichever choice, as long as you are not a guest.
  3. I think you already understand, now you click on facebook like in the picture below
    How to enter a new account in the PUBG Mobile Android game without having to delete application data
    If you don’t log in automatically then you have to log in manually by filling out the facebook login form provided, login with a facebook account that is not associated with the pubg mobile account
  4. so in conclusion to create a new pubg mobile account we need an empty account. For example, if you want to register via Twitter, make sure the Twitter account has never been used to register for a PUBG Mobile account before and vice versa applies to Google accounts and Facebook accounts.

Until here, the process of creating a new pubg mobile account has been completed. this method can also be used to login with multiple accounts or multiple pubg accounts. so you can logout and log back in with another account. The account breeder must have often been in and out of new accounts, either to jockey a friend’s account or want to jockey a new account and then sell it to a friend.

I think it’s enough tutorial how to change pubg mobile account, or how to login with facebook account, twitter account or google account. I hope you can understand the meaning of what I wrote today and if you are still confused you can leave a comment on this article.

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