How To Get Rain Mode In PUBG Mobile

Try Lightning Mode in PUBG Mobile Game

Did you know that in the PUBG Mobile game there is already a lightning mode and a rain mode. in the previous update there was a night mode that you can get on the Erangel map only, but this time pubg mobile again provides lightning and rain mode updates. this time I got the info from various sources and even I myself have tried it.

For those of you who want to try this lightning and rain mode, you can get it only on the Sanhook map. other than that this rain mode is similar to the night mode which I got randomly, guys. so we can’t set it, you can only try it on the sanhook map randomly.

From my experience playing in this lightning and rain mode, the sound of lightning and the sound of rain falling is very good like real guys. especially for those of you who use a headset, you must hear the sound of rain and thunder which is quite clear. if you want to try this rain mode then you just play on the sanhook map often enough, later you will get it randomly in your pubg mobile game.

How To Get Rain Mode In PUBG Mobile

maybe some of my friends already have experience getting rain mode in this pubg mobile game, so I hope friends can share their experiences through the comments column.

In this rainy mode it will be foggy and make our vision cloudy but that is not always the case. stay alert and alert who knows the enemy is lying down or even you can be butted. Once again, I emphasize that if you want to try this rain mode, you must play on the Sanhook map. the more often you play on the sanhook map, the greater the chance that you will get the rain and lightning mode.

Now for the characteristics of this rain and lightning mode, I can’t confirm it, so for those of you blogger friends who know, please comment.

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