How to Set the Sleep Time of Our Android Smartphone Screen

Tutorial on Setting Screen Off Time on Our Cellphones

Have you ever been annoyed because your smartphone screen suddenly went dark? Even though we still have activities that make our smartphones have to be on. Understandably we are tired of having to input our android password, pressing the button to turn on the screen again. if it’s only once we might not be tired, but if it turns off intermittently, pressing the button again, entering the password again, it’s tiring in the end.

Or just imagine if your friend borrows our cellphone, then the screen suddenly dims or turns off, then we have to enter the password again, it doesn’t feel good, even more so when we are busy doing work.

So our Android screen turns off because it has been set with a general duration of 15-30 seconds. we can reset the existing duration. we can change it to 1 minute or even longer or it can also never die.

The purpose of this setting is actually to save the use of our cellphone battery, where when there is no activity during the specified time limit, our smartphone will dim and the screen will turn off or sleep. well this is what makes the use of our smartphone battery power to be reduced.

For those of you who are curious and don’t know how to set it up, you can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Go to Menu Settings or Settings
  2. Look for Display then Select Sleep, then you will find several time options that you can use
    How to Set the Sleep Time of Our Android Smartphone Screen
    set the sleep time of your cellphone screen according to your wishes, select one of the times listed.
  3. After that make sure you have chosen a comfortable time for using your smartphone.
  4. For xiaomi users, you can do your smartphone screen sleep settings via Settings>Lock Screen & Password > Sleep

try friends who have android vent first in the comments column, which problem brought you here. and do you think we should change our android screen sleep time setting? if you like please comment below this article who knows we agree because everyone has different thoughts and analysis results.

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