How to Activate Whatsapp (WA) Fingerprint Using the Latest Fingerprint Lock

How to Set Whatsapp Lock Privacy (WA) Using the Latest Fingerprint Lock

Yo buddy, no code – WhatsApp’s latest update is a feature on the privacy feature, namely the addition of a fingerprint lock. What is its function? This latest privacy feature will provide security for all chat conversation content.

What is Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock?
Fingerprint lock is a feature that will lock the wa application using the fingerprint of the smartphone owner, so that all our activities cannot be known by others.

This feature will provide multiple security if we have set the application lock on our cellphone.

For example: We have set the type of pattern lock, number and fingerprint on the cellphone so that when we want to open the application we have to unlock it.

If we have set the fingerprint lock wa then the security flow is the phone/application lock feature and will be forwarded to the whatsapp fingerprint lock.

So when friends/relatives want to borrow our cellphones, our WhatsApp will be very safe. Because even though all the phone locks have been unlocked, the WhatsApp lock feature is still locked and you have to use the phone owner’s fingerprint to unlock it.

How to Set Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock

How to Set Whatsapp Lock Privacy (WA) Using the Latest Fingerprint Lock

  1. Open the settings menu (settings)
  2. Go to the Account menu
  3. Choose privacy
  4. Then scroll to the very bottom to select “fingerprint lock”
  5. Then activate the feature
  6. Paste your fingerprint to record
  7. Furthermore, my friend can set when the lock process works. Like the picture above, you can set the lock as soon as possible, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes.

Lock as soon as possible means that the lock process will work immediately after exiting the application and then returning then you must open the lock.

Likewise with the lock after 1 minute and after 30 minutes, the lock process will work after 1 minute and 30 minutes have passed.

NB: Activating the WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature will not interfere with calling activities, because when there is an incoming call, we can answer without having to unlock it.

So it feels more premium, right, friend? Our privacy will be kept safe without having to worry about this and that, especially for friends who don’t want to chat with their girlfriends to be known by others. This feature is very, very useful hehe. That’s all for now, friend, hopefully the Gapunyakode blog can always provide new things for all of you. Thank you

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