How to Block Internet Access in Latest Android Apps

Block Internet Access On Android Apps – Good evening guys.. On this occasion I want to share a few tips and tricks that I think can be useful for you. Our discussion this time is to block internet access on android applications.

I have tested this tutorial myself on my xiaomi android, especially on the Whatsapp and Telegram applications. I happen to use these two applications very often and there are lots of incoming chat messages.

How to Block Internet Access in Latest Android Apps

so in this tutorial we will block internet usage in android applications that we want. if it is blocked, then the application cannot connect to the internet.

for example, the case that I experienced was when using a chat application such as whatsapp and telegram. when I play games, sometimes there are video calls intentionally made by group friends and spam chats to my whatsapp or telegram. if we block the internet, chat messages and video calls will not be able to enter the chat application.

This is very useful for us, especially if on our Android, especially Xiaomi, there is no application that can actually block incoming notifications. even though using the turbo game, I think this application still allows video calls to enter chat applications such as whatsapp.

this method is different from the option to turn off notifications. If you turn off notifications, chat messages will still come in. For example, if you spam chat and spam video calls repeatedly, it will disrupt the stability of our internet when playing games, except when watching videos on YouTube.

so that’s why by blocking internet access in this chat application or any other desired application, the blocked application will not get internet access and chat messages and video calls will no longer interfere when we do something like playing online games.

For how to block internet access in the application we want, you can follow the following tutorial:

  1. Please open Settings and select Manage App
    How to Block Internet Access in Latest Android Apps
  2. Next, look for the application you want to block internet access, I’ll just give an example on Telegram. so I will make the Telegram app unable to access the internet so that chat messages do not enter when I want to do something.
    Not all android applications can be disabled for internet access.
  3. then select restrict data usage and remove the checklist as shown in the image below

  4. after that you have successfully disabled internet access to the app. so the app is no longer connected to the internet and you can still surf as usual, both playing games and watching movies live streaming.

Actually it’s simple, many settings are provided on our android but not many know the benefits. for the tutorial video version and the detailed version, you can see the video on the following Anak Informant Youtube channel:

In addition, by blocking this internet, we can manage our quota usage in certain applications to save quota. even more so if your little ones are wasting their time watching YouTube, by blocking them, we can set the quota quota for reasons such as running out of quota and others.

I think everyone has their own way to take advantage of the features provided by xiaomi on their respective androids.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this simple article can be useful for friends who need it.

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