How to Enable Private DNS on Xiaomi MIUI 10 Based On Android Pie 9.0

Android Pie Private DNS – Private DNS is a feature in Android Pie. for friends who are familiar with android pie in custom roms, you must be familiar with this private DNS feature.

unfortunately this feature is not displayed in the settings application on the miui rom by the xiaomi developer. even though this feature is very useful for me to access the web that is blocked by the government and makes us accessing a web more secure.

if you have this feature, you definitely don’t need to bother installing a vpn because the function of private dns is more or less the same as vpn. although on Android there is already a default VPN setting, but we need to make some settings to use it.

next article I will discuss how to use the VPN on Android without having to install a VPN. next, let’s discuss how to use this private dns feature in this stock miui rom based on android pie. please follow the tutorial below:

  1. download the quickshortcutmaker app on playstore
  2. next open the quickshortcutmaker application and on tab activity please look for the application settings
  3. after that click once settings it and search$NetworkDashboardActivity
    How to Enable Private DNS on Xiaomi MIUI 10 Based On Android Pie 9.0

  4. then click on that option and after clicking it will appear as in the image below
    How to Enable Private DNS on Xiaomi MIUI 10 Based On Android Pie 9.0
  5. after that click try and you will be faced with a display that has private dns settings, please set private dns using the dns you have. I use because it’s free hehe..
    How to Enable Private DNS on Xiaomi MIUI 10 Based On Android Pie 9.0
  6. good luck. For more details and details, please watch the video below, guys…

So in this tutorial, I will use the redmi note 7 as an example and it’s already android pie. how to activate this private dns feature does not require unlocking the bootloader and does not need to root the cellphone, I have proven and it has worked.

Incidentally the dns I use is from cloudflare, you can use other dns such as comodo dns and others.

For those of you who are not users on the MIUI ROM but have Android Pie like Vivo and Oppo cellphones or other cellphones, please try this trick and leave a comment if it works. I haven’t experimented on other cellphones because I only have one cellphone at this time.

For those who are still confused, please access and watch the video below for detailed tutorials. The following is a video tutorial on how to enable the private DNS feature on Android Pie:

that’s the tutorial this time, hopefully it can help friends in activating this private DNS feature. Don’t forget to share and subscribe, guys..

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