How to Buy Cheap Internet Data Package Credit Via Tokopedia

No Credit Code and Cheap Internet Packages – Buying credit and internet packages is now very easy, we can buy them via Tokopedia. Of course, all operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri and others can top up through this application, paying for credit and internet packages can be said to be cheap.

Some types of credit are priced according to the amount, for example if we buy 25,000 credits, the payment amount is also the same as the number of credits. In addition, there are also those whose payments are cheaper than the amount of credit purchased.

The transaction method is also quite easy, you only need to install the Tokopedia application which you can get on Google Playstore. For the steps, let’s continue below, friend.

  • Open the Tokopedia app
  • Select the Top-Up & Billing menu
  • Then select Credit/Data Packages
  • Just write down the number to be filled with credit/data package
  • If we finish filling in the number, the application will automatically display a choice of the number of credits.
  • Then select the amount of credit to be purchased.
  • Then select the next button at the bottom.
  • Choose a payment method, my friend can use OVO or other features such as via ATM, via e-banking or others.
  • Next select pay.

If you pay via atm or bank transfer, then you have to go to the atm and pay the amount that matches the bill.


Buying credit/data packages through trusted applications such as Tokopedia is one of the safest ways, compared to offers circulating on social media. Moreover, the payment is also cheap.

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