How to Play the Latest Chess Rush Game Can While Relaxing

chess rush – Buddy no code Are you bored with the same game? I recommend this one game, why? Because after I tried to play Chess Rush, I finally got addicted to it, hehe, even though at first I doubted it would be fun, I just kept playing.

Advantages of Playing Chess Rush

I recommend this game not only because it’s fun but there are other things that you can feel, what is it?

In addition to the good animation effects and the relatively small download size, you can enjoy this game in a relaxed manner.

Unlike other games such as aov, pubg, free fire and mobile legends which require us to always be on standby in front of the cellphone screen, we can stay behind while playing chess rush. So your time can be used for other things

Especially if you already have a wife who is super spoiled or a friend of a wife who already has children and likes to play games, then this game can be an option to get rid of the confusion on the sidelines of your time.

Why Can Play Without Standby

Yes, of course you can, because the way we play this game is not too complicated. We only need to select the hero we want then adjust the position after that we can leave the screen and our chosen heroes will move automatically.

How cool bro, right? although the time is not too long but it’s worth it, hehe. We can be very, very relaxed.

How to Play Chess Rush

  1. Of course you can download this game on the appstore or playstore for free
  2. Then login using Facebook or other accounts provided by the game system.
  3. After that, my friend, select the match mode next to the play button
  4. Choose the type of match including rank, casual, basic and custom
  5. Then my friend can select the play button then wait a while to go to the game arena

Mechanism of Playing in the Arena

  1. At the beginning of the match, you can buy a hero with the appropriate amount of diamond exp
  2. Furthermore, my friend can place a maximum of 2 heroes in the first session and the number of slots will increase for the next session
  3. But the increase in slots will look slow when you have gone through several sessions so you can speed up with the diamond exp.
  4. Refresh efficiently, friend, so you don’t run out of diamond exp.
  5. Be careful in positioning the hero, I once accidentally shifted the hero too much to the right, lost it to diamond exp

To restore the diamond exp, my friend can shift the hero towards the barrack with the star symbol and it will be automatically added to the top bar.


For friends who want to play games on the sidelines of light activities, this game can be the best choice. It’s not only skills that are important here but the level of luck is also a point, the most important thing is not to strain the muscles hehe.

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