How to Buy the Latest Tri 3000 Internet Package Get 2.5GB a Day

How to Buy the Latest Tri 3000 Internet Package Get 2.5GB a Day

Tri 3000 Latest Internet Package Get 2.5GB All Day – Some time ago I bought a new card but said the one that had the sim card that I bought was an old card. Yes, too, because after I counted the number of cards, it was 11 digits. Even though the numbers aren’t that pretty, they’re quite pleasing to the eye and easy to remember.

The older and more antique an item is, the more expensive it is, such as the card I bought is priced at double the price of a new number, which has more than 11 digits, but it still doesn’t drain the contents of my wallet, friend. The price is not up to 50 thousand and the top up in the card is 2000.

Initial Intention to Buy a New Card

At the beginning of the purchase I hoped to get an old promo code too, 2000 rupiah got 2.5GB but a few days passed I got a 3000 rupiah internet package with a 2.5GB quota. When compared to the old promo, the difference is pretty good, but it’s worth it in a month with 90 thousand to get 75GB.

Then how do I get the promo? If you want to try, please follow the steps I have done below, good luck, friend, no code.

How to Get Tri Internet Promo

  • I bought an old tri card whose number is still 11 digits and has not been registered (can try for other numbers)
  • Then, I bought an internet voucher with a 32GB quota for a month (you can try it with another voucher, who knows the promo I get is different from mine, friend)
  • Wait a few days, after using the quota (I got the promo about a week after purchasing the voucher)

The possibility of each number getting a promo in a different timeframe, it could be faster or slower. Then how to register the 3000 2.5GB internet package? Here are the steps.

How to Buy Internet Package 3000 Quota 2.5GB Daily

  • Open SMS and create a new SMS
  • Destination SMS to number 111
  • Then when the code TR
  • Then send
  • Wait for a moment

If you don’t have the code successfully, you will immediately get a reply that the internet package is active, but if you haven’t received a reply, don’t be disappointed, try again and be patient.

Thus the latest information about Latest Tri 3000 Internet Package Promo Get 2.5GB All Day, I hope it’s useful, mate. Thank you

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