How to Get Free Telkomsel Quota Up to 10GB

During this period, Telkomsel offers free quota of up to 10GB for Telkomsel card users, such as loop cards, ace cards, sympathy cards and Halo cards. How to get a free internet quota is very easy, you just need to change a card that is still using the 3G to 4G network.

Terms and Conditions

  • Telkomsel card users are active for more than 6 months
  • Telkomsel card users who migrate 3G to 4G, only get 1 chance to enjoy 5GB quota
  • Address link to change 3G to 4G card:

However, if you migrate using the dial version you will get a different offer. That changing networks or migrating from 3G to 4G will get a quota of up to 10GB.

Will the results be different if you migrate via dial or directly use the Telkomsel card migration web address? You can try with the steps you want. For more details, please visit my article below:

Migrating the card to 4G also depends on the coverage area that has been covered by Telkomsel’s 4G network. We can see this from the migration registration form that before we fill in our biodata we are required to check the eligibility of our number.

We have to fill in our Telkomsel card number, then fill in the name of the province and district/municipality. After filling in completely, then we check whether our card gets the migration feature. If we get it then we can do the next step.

Thus, I hope it will be useful for you, friends, thank you.

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