How to Solve 3X4 103 Print Labels Cut off Canon E400

Hello, Buddy, don’t have all the codes – Some time ago I had another new experience about making labels on wedding invitations.

This experience is indeed true I just experienced it myself for the first time, to make a name tag on a wedding invitation.

At first I had a little difficulty in adjusting the size so that the label printing was still cut or not perfect.

But with intention and patience, it finally worked, even though it was still not perfect, I felt quite satisfied because doing it from the beginning until getting the results achieved was a special satisfaction for me.

The problem that is very glaring and time consuming is a printing technique that I really don’t have. That is the problem of imperfect label printing or cut off at the end or bottom of the label paper.

Even though I have changed the size to a higher paper size, it still gets cut off, this is a problem that takes up a lot of my time, friend.

But for those of you who are loyal to visit here, you don’t need to worry anymore, in this article I will share my own experience when printing name tags on invitations with a size of 3X4 or 103.

How to Make Name Labels on Invitations
Before entering the point, I will start from setting and making formats in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, friend.

  • Open M. Excel (create a new document)
  • Create 3 Columns (name, address, address) can be added as needed
  • Give Bold thickness in the main column, namely (name, at, address)
  • Next, please fill in the data of the person to be invited
  • When finished save the excel document

Next, Step Set Microsoft Word Label Size

  • Open M.Word create a new document
  • Then select mailings -> then select Start Mail Marge -> select Labels
  • Set Printer Information on options Page Printers (Default Try)
  • Set Label Information ( Vendor Label) Choose Other/Costume
  • Then Select New Label For sizes, please check the image below
  • Page size you can choose a costume with the size you want
  • When finished click ok – ok again – then there will be automatically 3X4 columns
  • Then to fill in the data, you can use the data that we typed in Excel earlier

Next, Step How to Enter Excel Data Into M. Word Label

  • Choose (Select Recipients)
  • Choose Use Existing List
  • Then search for files excel that we just typed
  • Then Select Sheet 1 (adjust existing data)
  • Then Select Insert Marge Field
  • Then, enter the data in the order of the example: select name then enter, select in then enter, select address
  • Buddy gapunyakode can also edit the size, font type, word position and thickness
  • To check whether the data was successfully inputted, please, my friend, select Preview Resultthe position is next to Insert Marge Field
  • Then so that all data is successfully inputted, all you have to do is select Update Labels
  • After you select Update Labels, the data will be automatically added to everything

How to Print 3X4 Labels 103 e400 canon

  • Choose Autofix check for errors (adjacent Preview Result) Then choose number 2 from above
  • Select Print (we recommend printing one page at a time)
  • When on model portrait there is a problem with the print print being cut off at the end of the paper, so my friend can follow my method

Solving Canon e400 Cut Label Prints

  • Select Page Setup
  • Then Select Orientation Landscape
  • Click ok – If there is a warning just click ignore or ignore
  • Next, before printing, first change the position of the paper on the printer. (because the label paper is smaller than a4/f4 size, then position the paper on the printer in the position) portrait)
  • Then reduce the paper placement size to a smaller size according to the portrait paper size. then print

It’s not perfect, but at least it would be easier to print the label without cutting it too much. If there are several long and truncated names on the right side of the paper, you can just abbreviate the names so they will still be printed perfectly.

That’s the information that I hope can help make it easier for all of you when you want to print name tags for invitations. Thank you

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