How to Get Free Shipping on Shopee Min. 0 Shopping

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Actually it’s been loose but the feeling of wanting to write is still hampered because it feels like there’s still not enough rest.

Ok guys, recently we went through Harbolnas where we can shop with super duper cheap discounts in a day.

This Harbolnas takes place only at online stores, friends, such as Lazada, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak and others.

Well, this time I want to share how to get free shipping, but I’m specifically for the shopee online shop, friend hehe, because I’m currently enjoying shopping there. Ok bro, just go ahead:

Using shopee vouchers

You can get this voucher by making a claim on the menu, usually there will be a notification later when you enter the shopee page.

After making a claim, you can use it in the shopping cart. Here:

shopee vouchers

Before checkout, you must first enter the voucher, then there will be an option to use a free shipping voucher, but you need to remember that there is a weekly limit so that when you reach the limit, you can use it the following week until December 31st.

In addition to using the method above, we can use the free shipping feature, but we need to go to the free shipping page like the shopee mall.

More precisely, it is to take advantage of the minimal shopping feature so you can choose several stores that use the minimum shopping feature such as a minimum shopping of 50 thousand when you shop at a store of at least 50 thousand then you will get free shipping.

Voucher Free Shipping Minimum Shopping 0

  1. You can get this voucher when you become a new user at shopee, so if you want to enjoy this voucher, you can create a new account again.
  2. In addition, we can enjoy this zero shopping minimum voucher during shopee events, which are usually held once a month.

Shopping online does have its advantages and disadvantages, therefore we must be observant and careful when buying a product.

That’s a little experience that might be able to help you shop for your needs, hopefully it’s useful, friend. Thank you

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