How to STOP Telkomsel Internet Package – Want to Change Internet Package?

Let’s start with the habits of gamers, friends – Gamers, no code, must have experienced a bad internet name until when you experience lag while playing (especially online games), then for sure if you don’t blame the game server, you must blame the internet card, please admit it, friend! hee

It seems natural if you are a little emotional, but don’t go too far. Because I believe Indonesian gamers have god-level patience.

You need to know that sometimes not all the packages that you buy are suitable for your needs. For example, buying a 6GB internet package, it turns out that only part of it can be used or an internet package that has an automatic updating feature as long as credit is still available.

That’s my opinion at random, my friend and not leading to any card.

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Whatever the reason, my friend is certainly a decision that my friend has considered, when you want to unsubscribe from an internet package, you need to know how, right?

Well, here’s how, friend, but this time I will provide special information for those who use an internet card from Telkomsel.

How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Packages

Using the MyTelkomsel App

  • Open the MyTelkomsel APP
  • Select the My Account menu
  • Choose the Internet Package according to your wishes
  • Then select Stop Package

For those of you who don’t have the MyTelkomsel application, you can search on the Google Play Store with the MyTelkomsel keyword

Using Via Dial

  • Type *363# – Then Call
  • Select the menu that says Stop – But if you don’t find it, you can check several menus to find it, like in Other Internet Packages
  • Follow the path given by the dial menu

Using SMS

  • Type UL(space) OFF or Flash(space)OFF
  • Send to 3636

The UL OFF code is for friends who subscribe to the unlimited flash package, while Flash OFF is for friends who subscribe to the normal flash package.

With these ways, you can stop from Telkomsel internet packages, after that you can use other Telkomsel internet packages that you feel are satisfying for your daily activities.

That’s the information that can’t be conveyed, hopefully it’s useful. Thank you

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