How to Make Movie Shows Brighter and Brighter VLC Player

Hello friends, if you are a movie fan, then you are no stranger to this movie player software, namely vlc player. Hayoo, surely you often use this software right?

I think this media player is a lightweight software for playing movies, besides that there is also a k-lite codec pack but I myself use VLC more often.

I think vlc is simpler, lighter and simpler. What do you think buddy? But yes, friend, sometimes there is a little problem, you know, when we have downloaded a movie but the display is not bright even to the point of maximizing the brightness of the monitor but still not visible.

Well, I recently experienced this problem while watching Game of Thrones season 8 where the Night King was defeated.

Even though I’ve downloaded the HD version, it still doesn’t look like it, mate, it’s more or less solid. Maybe it’s because the film is in night conditions, bro, finally I took the initiative to increase the brightness, but on the VLC software, the problem is that it still doesn’t show through the monitor.

How to Make Movie Shows Brighter and Brighter

  • Hover the cursor on the navigation at the bottom (select show extended settings) as shown below
  • Then select the tab that says video effects
  • Then check the Image Adjust section

Then you can adjust the brightness and others according to your wishes, how easy is it, friend, isn’t it?

Thus, a little information that I can share with my friends, hopefully it will be useful and for sure I hope it can help. Thank you

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