How to Buy Tri 38GB 85K a Month Internet Package

Buying a new card to surf is an option for everyone, but this trend has passed for now because now we can subscribe to internet packages independently using the application of each provider in the Playstore or can use the Sakti code. But yes, friend, there are several providers that provide quota vouchers including this tri card.


If we are still adapting the method of “buying a new card for the internet” then before we enjoy the internet services provided we will be preoccupied with registering personal biodata. Not to mention if the network is busy so registration is delayed and again each NIK is also limited in its use.

But there is a saying that I’ve heard that is “different bottoms, different grasshoppers”. Maybe this can be compared to buying an internet package “another way at another price”. For example, sometimes if we buy vouchers in different places the price is different and sometimes when we buy with a magic code or application the price is sometimes different.

Like the internet package this time, there are some differences, I still don’t know why the price could be different even though the card I used to make purchases is the same. If I buy with a dial code, the price I get is 85 thousand, if I use the application, the price is 110 thousand.

How to Buy Tri 38GB Internet Package with Mantul Code

  • Enter dial mode, bro
  • Type magic code *123*6#
  • If successful, a menu like the image above will appear

Description of Mantul Tri 38GB Internet Package

  • 8GB regular quota
  • 30GB of 4G quota and will be divided by 1GB per day
  • Bonus 30 minutes call for all operators

The validity period of this 38GB tri internet package is for 30 days, you could say it’s just a month, friend, although the number of days in each month is different, there are 28, 30 and 31 days. Before making a purchase, you can top up your regular credit first of 100 thousand.

How to Buy Tri 38GB Internet Package Bima+ Application

Well, when I tried through the bima application, the 38GB package was priced at 110 thousand, friend. Hmmm, I personally prefer to use the magic code, hehe. But for those of you who can’t get a menu with a magic code, I suggest using the bima+ application. For the following way:

  • Open the Bima+ app
  • For those who don’t have it, you can, buddy, don’t have the code, look for it in the Playstore (it’s free, friend)
  • Select the application menu (bottom) then select 3Product
  • Then look for the list “Monthly Data”
  • Find the 38GB plan

The 38GB package on the bima+ app provides 8GB 24 hours for all networks and 30GB for 4G for 24 hours. Automatic renewal will apply if regular credit is sufficient.

How to Stop Automatically Renewing Tri Monthly Internet Packages

  • Just Type STOP (space) 4GB Monthly
  • Send to 234

Next, wait for an SMS notification from the system that you have stopped automatic renewal of monthly data renewal.

How are you? It could be an option for those of you who like to have a monthly subscription. Information on the latest tri 38GB internet package a month, hopefully it’s useful, friend. Thank you Oh yeah, don’t forget to like the fanpage, no code.

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