How to Win Match Rank Chess Rush

How to Win Match Rank Chess Rush

chess rush – How are you guys, have you tried playing this game? It’s a great game right? After yesterday I made an article about how to play, now it’s time to share simple tips that you can adapt to the game.

On The Way

I’ve read in a social media forget the source, friend hehe. That this game requires a high level of intelligence and luck, wow!!!

In my opinion, this game does require a high level of strategy and luck, because if you don’t set a strategy the results will quickly lose. And I often experience that the lowest rank is also able to catch up to the top if lucky.

This luck sometimes does happen, I myself experienced being at the bottom but was able to get into the top 2 of the match.

Chess Rush Player Mistakes Like Me

What I have experienced in some of these matches is running out of time, friend, because it took me too long to fiddle with the position and which hero to choose so that when I bought a hero with exp points but the hero had not been placed into the arena the result was that the remaining slots and the number of heroes were not maximized.

This is what I often experience, this kind of incident would be very fatal if it had entered the final round. Because the point limit, I said just life points, bro, because the thin life points will be very easy to beat if the squad hero is not maximal

How to Win Match Rank Chess Rush

How to Win Playing Chess Rush

How to make the winning percentage bigger? This time I want to share simple tips, friend, in my opinion, if done well, it will give a greater win rate.

  1. In rounds 1 and 2, try not to lose, yes, friend, when the computer monster loses, hehe.
  2. In rounds 1 and 2, try to always have the maximum number of heroes according to the available slots.
  3. In round 3 use exp points to add slots and increase the number of heroes.
  4. Assuming round 1,2,3 wins and now you start increasing your hero level.
  5. The trick, my friend takes the same hero as much as 3 and will automatically be combined into one so that the level increases.
  6. Don’t spend exp points to refresh the hero list, just one or two times, bro. Because it is more efficient if you balance it to increase the number of hero slots in the match arena.
  7. Combine the type of hero that uses ranged attacks and melee attacks, this will provide an opportunity so that all heroes are not hit by the opponent’s attack.
  8. Set the position of the hero according to the attack distance, if I sometimes put one or one line hero with a hero who attacks with a long-range type, this is to anticipate if the opponent uses an assassin type hero.

If you do the simple tips above, you will gradually understand the plot, even though we can’t always guess what we will face next. But at least we try to give a bigger chance to win.

I hope it’s useful, mate, thank you.

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