How to Buy Internet Data Packages at Shopee

Now buying internet data packages can be done in many ways, such as purchasing through card applications, via dial codes and e-commerce. Each method has its own advantages, friend, for example, the price difference may occur.

The striking difference between these methods is the type of internet data package offered. For example, when we want to buy an unlimited internet package and it turns out that this unlimited package is only available for purchase through the provider application.

That’s more or less a striking difference according to Gapunyakode. So you can choose the method according to your convenience and benefits. Next I will discuss about:

How to Buy Data Packages on Shopee

1. Buddy Already Have/Install the Shopee Application

If you already have a friend, you can go to step number 2. But if you haven’t, you can download it via the Playstore or Appstore according to your cellphone type.

2. Open the Credit, Bills & Bills Menu

If you have entered the menu, my friend looks for the next menu, namely “Data Packages”. Next, my friend, just write down the number to fill in the data package and choose the type of data package to be purchased, don’t forget to claim the voucher to get the shopee coins.

3. Payment

After we choose the type of package, we are taken to the checkout form, in this session my friend can check again whether the phone number is correct or not. If you have, don’t forget to enter the cashback voucher that has been claimed and please continue with the payment.

At the payment stage, you can choose various payment methods, such as:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. alphamart
  3. Indomaret
  4. Credit card
  5. And so forth

This method of buying can be done in other e-commerce as well, such as Bukalapak, Lazada and others. Of course, those who have provided services for this purchase, friend.

I hope that I can provide useful information for all of you, thank you.

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