How to Buy the Latest Tri 32GB Internet Package for only 45 thousand

Some time ago at the pulse seller outlets, there was an internet package that caught my attention, namely the tri internet package with a 32GB quota, then I decided to try using the internet package.

At that time, as I recall, the internet package was valid for 1 month with the condition that every day the quota given was 1GB 4G and 2GB 24 hours non-stop.

If you want to try buying a 32GB tri internet package for only 45 thousand, you can try the following methods:

  • First, type you want 4g2gb space
  • Second, send to 234

In the picture above, there is a description of the 32GB 4G non-stop package with details of 2GB on all networks and 30GB on 4G networks.

Unfortunately, my credit is not enough, so just getting a description of your credit is not enough. In addition to using the sms method, you can try dialing *123# or *111#, we can buy the 32GB package if it still appears in the dial menu.


After I checked again about this 32 GB package, it turned out that there was a change in the cost, friend. You have to provide a regular pulse of 60 thousand to be able to enjoy this package.

You can make purchases through the bima+ application

So make sure your credit is sufficient before buying a tri 32GB internet package for only 60 thousand

That’s the latest information that I got, I hope that this information can be useful for you guys. Thank you

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