How to Change 3G Card to 4G Without Changing Telkomsel Number

Hello friends, no code, how are you, friend, gapunyakode everything? October all the goodness always be with my friend, all of them, yes.

It’s been a long time, friend, I haven’t written an article about my beloved Telkomsel card. As I recall, I have written many articles about internet packages, including 15GB, 30GB internet packages and so on. If you want to read, please check the Telkomsel label menu below.

In this article, I have good news for Telkomsel card users, especially for loop, sympathy and ace card users. Sorry for Halo card users because this feature is only intended for users of the three cards.

Then, what’s the good news? The good news is that Telkomsel card users who are still on the 3G network can switch networks from 3G to 4G without changing their Telkomsel number. It’s good, mate, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Then what about the kartuHalo users? Halo cards can change the network to 4G by visiting the nearest Grapari.

How to Change 3G Card to 4G Without Changing Number

  • Type *363#
  • Then, Type 1 then send

After you have done the steps above, the next step is to wait for the sms to get a link to go to the next step. Steps on the 3G to 4G registration form

  • Fill in your telkomsel number
  • Enter the name of the province
  • Fill in the name of the district/municipality

Then do a check, if it’s smooth the next is

  • Fill in full name
  • Fill in the address
  • Fill in the District, RT, RW, Zip Code
  • Fill in the email address that is still active, friend
  • and don’t forget to tick “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”
  • Select Next
  • Then follow the information provided by the Telkomsel website.

It turns out, friends, not only makes card migration easier, friends, Telkomsel also gives bonuses to its users in the form of internet quota. For more details, my friend can visit my next article below.

In the article above there is also a web address to go to the Telkomsel card migration registration form from 3G to 4G without changing your Telkomsel number, friend. I think that’s enough of the latest information, hopefully it can help my friend, Gapunyakode. Thank you

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