How to Change and Choose a Courier Delivery Service on the Latest Shopee

Hello friends, Gapunyakode, first of all, I’m sorry, friend, for not having time to give the latest info for friends, Gapunyakode, because I’ve just been busy in the crypto world, friend. I will write articles about crypto sometime.

But this article will discuss about shopping first, friend, especially for shopee, because this shopee certainly has a new breakthrough, namely about the procedure for choosing a delivery service courier. Of course, this change has pros and cons, there are also good and bad effects.

Effects of Changes in the Selection of Shopee Shipping Services

Of course, every change will have an effect, such as the number of complaints made by old buyers who are too comfortable with the purchasing system at Shopee. Of course, all buyers must adapt, those who are able to survive will survive who will not move differently.

This change in the way the delivery service is selected has an impact on the average delivery service price, so that the total cost for shipping services per category is the same for all. For example, in the past, you could use a delivery service A at a cost of 5000, now if you order 1 product + a total shipping fee of 20000 then if you change the shipping service the total shopping will not change, either reduced or added.

If so, hopefully free shipping for a minimum of 0 rupiah with a discount of 20 thousand will always be available at every twin date event. Yes, shopee, return it to no minimum, yes, with a 20k discount, not a 5k one, yes, shopee, do you agree, friend? haha

The statement above is clear, bro, why is it that after changing the service, the total spending doesn’t decrease.

How to Choose/Change Shipping Services on Shopee

  • First, complete the selection of the items to be purchased and make sure it is according to your wishes, my friend
  • Then complete the payment until the order status is packed.
  • After payment is complete, we are given one hour to choose our favorite shipping service.
  • Select my menu and then select my order (packaged) then tab on our newly paid order.
  • Then look for shipping information and the Change tab (changes apply only to regular and budget categories)

  • It’s enough, bro, because you only have one chance

Why Can’t Change Delivery Service on Shopee?

During this change in shipping service selection, I also experienced the problem of no button to change the delivery service.

Why is that? I think the reason why I can’t change the delivery service is because the store only activates one delivery service in each category. So we are not given the option to change the shipping service.

Therefore, before you shop, you can ask the store first, what shipping services are available at the store. Of course my friend has their own experience in using each shipping service?

So, friend, a little information that I can give to my beloved Gapunyakode friend, I hope it is useful, friend. Thank you

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