How to Change the Latest Google Chrome Android Background

How to Change the Google Chrome Android Background Without Having to Access the Chrome://flags feature

How to Change Google Chrome Theme With Your Own Image on Android
– Beautifying an interface on Google Chrome does indeed make it attractive and comfortable for its users. This time we will learn how to change or change the background of the Android version of the Google Chrome application.

Changing the theme in the Google Chrome application is currently very easy to do. You can change it using two options for now, namely a light theme and a dark theme.

Previously, by default, Google Chrome only had a light theme, but now, Google Chrome supports a dark theme or better known as dark mode.

There are two ways to activate darkmode mode on google chrome, here’s how to change the dark theme on google chrome android:

The first way: Activating Dark Mode on the Android System

To activate dark mode on your android, you can do this by:

1. Open settings

2. Select display

3. Activate dark mode

If your google chrome should have changed to darkmode, this is because google chrome already fully supports this dark mode change.

Second Way: Activate Dark Mode Directly In Google Chrome

This method is fairly easy, you only need to change your Google Chrome application to dark mode in the following way:

1. Open Google Chrome App

2. Select the three dots in the top right corner

3. Choose a theme

4. Choose dark mode or dark mode

Now your google chrome application will change the theme to a dark color. To make the web you access a dark theme, you must enable the content dark mode feature in the chrome flags settings.

By following the two methods above, you have changed Google Chrome on your Android to a dark theme without having to access it via the flags feature.

How to Change Google Chrome Theme With Your Own Image on Android

For now, friends, you can’t change the theme or background on the Android version of Google Chrome by using your own wallpaper or photos. How to change the chrome theme with your own photo can only be done on the desktop version of chrome.

for other ways it may be possible to use a third-party application or a version of chrome that has been changed by the opreker.

For information, I will update if the Android version of Google Chrome is supported. So please subscribe on my blog or on my youtube channel.

that’s the information about how to change the background display on the android version of google chrome, hopefully this information can be useful for friends who need it.

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