How to Copy PUBG Mobile Layout Control from Account 1 to another Account Latest

PUBG Mobile Layout Copy – On this occasion, I will share tips to make it easier to move our PUBG Mobile control layout to a different account.

copy pubg mobile layout

Actually, I often use this method to move the layout control that I have to use in different accounts even though on different devices.

This trick is also not widely known by PUBG Mobile players, both old players and new players.

so for those of you who don’t like to be complicated and set manually again, you must try this trick. this trick is done by getting the layout control id that we have.

Here’s how to easily copy pubg mobile control to another account:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Controls
  4. Next select layout section
  5. click search method
    How to Copy Control PUBG Mobile to Another Account
  6. enter id click search

  7. Keep it up Click preview/use

  8. After that Click Apply to apply the layout control

How to get ID Layout Control, how bro?

For how to get the layout control id, you have to ask the owner of the layout control you want to copy. if to share our control layout, it is enough to share the layout control. please follow the method below to get the pubg mobile layout control id:

1. Open PUBG Mobile and Select Settings

2. Select Control

3. Please choose layout click share

5. click ok

6. Copy your layout id

That’s how to copy or move the control layout in the latest pubg mobile game. hopefully this Tutorial on How to Copy Control PUBG Mobile to Another Account can be useful.

if you want to see the video tutorial version on how to copy the pubg mobile control layout to another account, you can watch it below:

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