Latest Credit Transfer Method | Special for Telkomsel Customers

How to Send Credit to other Telkomsel – Telkomsel as a subsidiary of Telkom is indeed one of the most widely used providers in Indonesia.

This red plate provider has a very wide network and coverage, this is what makes Telkomsel a lot of users.

On this occasion, the informant will provide a tutorial on how to transfer credit to other Telkomsel numbers using a simple and practical dial code, of course.

Many have asked about how to do credit transfers without costing anything?

The answer to making a fee-free transfer is currently not available, this is because every time a transaction is made, you will be charged a fee of 1800 rupiah by Telkomsel.

To do this credit transfer, you can try by dialing like the example format below:

*858*destination number*transfer amount#

For example: *858*081279561111*5000#

from the above format you can try and you will get a popup message to choose agree or not. if agree select 1 and send.

Then next you will get an SMS from Telkomsel that the credit transfer has been successful.

so for those of you who are looking for a way to transfer credit via the mytelkomsel application, you can try the method below:

  1. open my telkomsel app
  2. select shop or click buy package
  3. choose a gift
  4. Enter destination number
  5. click send
  6. Next, enter the nominal you want to transfer
  7. after that click send.
How to Transfer Credit Through the My Telkomsel application by

if you use the my telkomsel application to transfer credit, then you must have a quota. In addition, the transfer fee for the My Telkomsel application is higher than using the dial code above.

it all depends on your choice, if you want to choose a transfer at a low cost, you can try using a dial code, while for transfers via the my telkomsel application the cost is quite large.

So that’s how to transfer Telkomsel credit with a dial code or through the My Telkomsel application.

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