How to Create Login and Registration in Android Studio

In the current era, of course, a smartphone cannot be separated from everyday life, both based on Android and iOS. Android studio itself is a platform that people often use to create software. On this occasion we will discuss how to make login and registration in Android studio. how to make login and registration in android studio

Android smartphone itself is a smartphone with an open source operating system base. On this operating system, the owner can freely upload or download the Android source code and use it for your own smartphone.

Even most large manufacturers also use this method, so they can freely embed and also add some basic features or code according to their wishes. With all the freedom thanks to this open source, of course, Android is still one of the most loved operating systems on smartphones.

What is Android Studio

Android Studio itself is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment for the Android-based operating system. It’s easy, armed with this one application, everyone can make software for their own Android smartphone.

The programming language used for Android Studio is java, which can be used to edit to create unique code on Android smartphones. Of course, technology activists are familiar with this application.

By combining the Java programming language and the Android SDK (Android Software Development Kit) Android Studio becomes a complex application for Android activists. The way to install this application is quite easy, because on Google itself there are already so many you can type in one of the keywords, namely how to login and register in Android Studio.

Creating Login and Registration in Android Studio

After you know what Android Studio is, here we will show you how to create login and registration in Android Studio. By typing the keywords above you can easily get lots of tutorials, from Android Studio MySQL Tutorial, to Android Studio sqlite login.

When you have or have even created a website and then want to add a login or registration using an Android smartphone, the trick is to use the Android Studio application.

First open Android Studio, then create a new activity with the name LoginActivity. Save it in the folder you want, or you can also put it in your website folder. Also create an activity_login.xml file in the res – layout folder, or by right clicking on your folder then in the java folder select new – Activity – Basic Activity.

When successfully connected, two new files will appear, after which you need to update the contents of the file with the coding you want. When you have trouble with the coding, then you can look for it on the Google search engine, because so many have made the login and registration coding.

After all the processes are complete, you can login to the website that was previously created only with an Android smartphone. Making the interface or User Interface on the login menu, of course, you can adjust to your wishes and also a theme that is in line with the website that you created earlier.

Technological advances certainly help in all areas, including when you are looking for ways to login and register in Android Studio.

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