How to create a Personal Blog in 3 Easy and Simple steps

The first thing we need to create a blog is an account, there are two well-known free blog platforms, namely blogger and wordpress. Friends – friends can choose between the two options, this time I will discuss how to create a personal blog easily and simply using blogger.

  • First we visit the website, we will find a web page like the one below.
home blogger

In the picture click create your blog, we can create a blog as long as we have an email, I suggest using an email from gmail or something else.

  • Second, after we are done, we will be taken to a page to determine the title of our blog, blog address, the theme that we want to use. Like the top picture itself.
  1. Write down the title of the blog that you don’t want, it’s free, friend, as long as you want it. It’s better to give the blog title by adjusting the contents of the blog that we will write later
  2. If we give the name of the blog title for example: gamers ga capital, we can write down the gamergamodal blog address. If the address is still available, we can use it, but if the address we wrote down is not available then we can add a creative address by adding a number in front or behind the blog address like gamergamodal90. etc
  3. Choose a theme that has been provided by the blogger, choose according to your wishes, friend, it’s free, hehe. If it is complete, click the create blog button, at this stage our blog has become a friend.
menu for article posts
  • Third, post the first article
  1. Select the Posts menu on the left
  2. Next, click the orange new entry button
  3. Next we will be taken to the page above, type the title of the post and write the article below it
  4. If you are finished, click the publish button, it will automatically appear on our blog page
  5. Click view our dining blog will be taken to our blog view

It’s not easy to create a blog, with just three steps we can have our own personal blog. That’s my review of how to create a personal blog with 3 easy and simple steps. Hopefully it can help a friend who doesn’t have a code. Thank you

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