How to Choose a Good Flashdisk Don't be fooled

Having instant, simple, easy-to-carry memory storage everywhere is really fun and certainly very helpful for everyone, especially for friends who are undergoing education or friends who are already working.

Nowadays, there are too many types of external storage available on the market, when I was in SD, external storage devices still used floppy disks with relatively small capacities that used to function to store document files such as word etc. Do you remember the same floppy disks? haha that’s phenomenal

As I recall, after the diskette period, the name flash disk appeared (sorry, friend, if I’m wrong) hehe, maybe if you have other storage devices, you can give suggestions in the comments column. After the flash drive, other external storage devices such as mp4, mp3, mmc, microSD, and external hard drives continue to appear. etc

I’m one of those people who really like watching movies, so I used to go to the internet cafe every time I wanted to see a movie with a flash drive and copy it to a flash drive haha.

Actually, it’s going to be good, friend, if you can go straight to the cinema, you can know first how the storyline of the latest film is and you can tell your friends first, but unfortunately there are no funds, friend, you can only make it to the internet cafe. eh, even where the story goes

Because I love to save movies on a flash drive, after a long time the flash or hard disk becomes full, I want to delete it, it’s a shame – it’s a shame, if you want to watch it again, you don’t need to download or copy the film again.

But, friend, I suggest you delete the movie after watching it because it will rarely be watched again, if you don’t delete it it will also clog the hard drive, after that I’ll look for info at an online store, buddy, to find a new flash drive with a capacity that is a bit bigger but inexpensive.

Scroll down the scroll to the next next page, finally found a flash drive with a wow capacity and very cheap Flashdisk with a capacity of 64GB 50 thousand, really cheap, hypnotized and stunned, friend, contact the seller and cod. Actually, I’m a little doubtful but what can I do, it’s really too bad if I remember, friend.

Long story short, after the COD was finished, I went straight to the internet cafe to copy the film, when I arrived at the cafe, I immediately copied the film, I didn’t think about the size or number of films to be copied.

But unfortunately a thousand dear friend, after copying the film, I finished I went home and I started to poke a fake flash drive, started clicking on the film file, ehhh busssett couldn’t be played, super confused and felt cheated.

I tried – tried to check from various possibilities and found that the flash that I bought 64GB was only a flash with a capacity of 4GB, but if this flash is plugged into a laptop or computer it will give a display size approaching 64GB. Here are some tips from me:

How to choose a good flash drive, don’t be fooled by the fake ones:

  • Buy a flash drive at a reasonable price, even though it’s cheap, don’t be too far away from other brands
  • Do not be tempted by cheap prices
  • Buy it at a shop or seller with a good reputation
  • Choosing a well-known brand is my advice, but I don’t really focus on brands because in my experience the famous brands that I use have been damaged before the brand I just met.
  • Choose a Flashdisk with a lifetime or lifetime warranty period, the brand is clearly brave and confident in the quality of the flash products they sell
  • Choose a Flashdisk with a shape that is not too small
  • Follow the latest flash disk developments regarding the number of the latest flash disk sizes, don’t be like me who is tempted by the large capacity hehe

That’s my review of how to choose a good flash, don’t be fooled. Hopefully it will be useful for friends, thank you

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