How to take a picture of a laptop or computer monitor screen easily

Do you currently want to take pictures on the monitor screen? My previous post has reviewed how to take pictures on a smartphone screen in various easy ways.

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This time I will review about how to take or screenshot the computer/laptop monitor screen. Actually, how to take a screenshot is not too difficult, here are ways to do a screenshot on a computer or laptop monitor screen:

Taking pictures of computer/laptop monitor screen we can take advantage of the PRTSC key on the Keyboard

  • Select the monitor screen area or the software that we will take as the main display
  • Immediately press the PRTSC button
  • After pressing the PRTSC button we can use the Paint software
  • Run Paint and press CTRL+V then the image will be Pasted into Paint
  • Click Save

Besides Using PRTSC button using the default Windows Snipping Tool software

  • Click the Star button which is the main icon of the Windows operating system
  • Select All Programs
  • Next Accessories
  • Select Software Snipping Tool


  • Click the Start Button
  • Write it in the search field with the keyword Snipping Tool

After the display of the snipping tool software appears, we only need to drag the cursor on which area we will need the image. So we can take a part of each monitor screen after that click the save button and specify where we will save the image.

In addition to the two ways above we can use other software, such as:

  • Lightshot
  • Jing
  • Grabilla
  • etc

Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose software that you think is comfortable when used. Thus a review of how to take a picture of a laptop or computer monitor screen easily. Hopefully this review can help friends – friends to document the moments – the moments that occur on the monitor screen – friends hehe. Thank you

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