How to Overcome Fraud via SMS and Recognize its Characteristics

It turns out that lately there are still rampant sms containing gifts, usually the contents of the sms contain prizes in the form of money with a fairly high nominal of 20 million to 100 million in addition to prize money I have also received an sms containing the gift of a car. Very tempting isn’t it, but unfortunately it’s all just an engineering fraud.

The following are the characteristics of the fraudulent SMS version of the Gapunyakode version

  • The contents of the sms in the form of gifts of money or objects that of course previously you did not expect because you never felt concerned with the things that were expressed in the contents of the sms
  • The number used by the perpetrator usually uses a general number that is usually bought and sold in shops
  • The contents of the sms contain a fake site created by the perpetrator to convince the victim
  • If the number listed in the sms is contacted, in the end, the perpetrator asks the victim to transfer money
  • Usually the contents of the sms are profiteering from large companies

The image above the title of this article is an example of a fraudulent sms that I have ever received, the contents of the sms profiting large companies are certainly very detrimental to the recipient of the sms and the company.

How to deal with fraudulent sms version gapunyakode

  • If we get an sms like the picture above, the first thing we do is just ignore it
  • Friends can also report fraudulent sms, as below:


Type sms: SMS space No Fraud space Fraud SMS Content

send sms to : 726


Type sms: Report#No Fraud#Things about fraud

send sms to : 588


Type sms: Fraud#No Fraud#Fill in fraudulent sms

send sms to : 1166

If friends are already feeling uncomfortable with sms containing fraud, you can complain in the same way as above. So this review, hopefully it will be useful for friends, thank you

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