How to fix a laptop or computer so it's slow so it heats up fast

Having a laptop or computer that has been around for years, a lot or a little will appear various problems from the laptop or computer, as I will review in this post about how to fix a slow laptop or computer so that it heats up quickly.

When we force the performance of a laptop or computer that is hot, it will result in the computer restarting.

I’ve had my laptop overheat and instantly turn off, but after a few minutes it can turn on again but when running heavy software a few minutes it turns off again, and so on.

Causes/factors your laptop or computer overheats and slows down

There are several factors that cause a computer or laptop to be slow so that it heats up quickly, as follows:

  • The exhaust fan on the laptop is dirty, so the wind that is released is blocked, this certainly interferes with the air circulation inside the laptop
  • Small ram, when the ram we have is small or the minimum specification req to run a software or game for the beginning – the beginning is indeed smooth but in my experience when a few moments later it’s a bit heavy.
  • VGA, VGA has an important role also for photo editors, images, and applications. because vga plays a very vital role when rendering, if the minimum specifications are also a bit heavy over time because over time we will definitely add some heavy effects without realizing it
  • Not maintaining cleanliness, maintaining cleanliness will help avoid dust that has accumulated which has the potential to settle in some parts of the laptop or computer
  • Not using a coolingpad, actually this additional fan is not needed if we use a laptop properly, but when we play games but don’t use this additional fan, our laptop will eventually get hot and slow.
  • A place or room with poor circulation
  • Too old Procy
  • Dried procy pasta
  • Full, an internal hard drive whose condition is full tank or the color status is already red will result in heavier performance

How to fix/resolve a laptop or computer experiencing slow and overheating

Repairing or overcoming a slow laptop or computer itself does provide satisfaction, here’s how:

  • Check the condition of the exhaust fan, if it sounds loud but little or no air comes out, you can disassemble and clean the fan and exhaust. For your computer, you can routinely clean up some parts of the CPU for cleaning
  • If we have 1 Gb of ram, if a software recommends 2GB it would be nice if we upgrade the ram to 2gb to make it looser
  • If our computer is still using the onboard VGA, we can install a new VGA
  • Diligently clean up the environment or workspace so that the dust doesn’t settle too much
  • Adding a fan on your laptop or computer when the computer is doing heavy work, this will help keep the temperature cool
  • Choose a workplace that has good air circulation, even though it is closed, we can add air conditioning to keep the temperature stable
  • Replacing or upgrading the processor to the latest generation
  • Apply new paste to the processor when the pasta is dry
  • Organizing the data on the hard drive, we select the data that we really need to be stored if it is no longer needed, it is better to delete it. Add or upgrade the hard drive if there is a lot of data. In addition we can also defrag on every local disk that we have.

That’s my review on how to fix/fix a laptop or computer so it’s slow so it gets hot quickly. My review is far from perfect, if there are additional I would like to see the comments of friends. Hope it helps, Thank you.

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