How to Push Rank Solo Player from Warrior to Epic with One Hero

In accordance with my promise yesterday to make a post about how to push rank from warrior to epic. I will review one of my mobile legends game accounts that has pushed epic solo from warrior to epic and natural without vpn or other things. Here are the steps that I have experienced:

  • We need to create a new account, there are no matches yet
  • Choose a hero that you really master, if you don’t have a hero, you can collect battle points first or you can top up him mon
  • If you have enough Battle points, go to the shop and buy the hero that we are good at, then we will start the push rank
  • Prepare a good connection as much as possible so as not to experience lag, because it will affect our mobility
  • Playing at 12 pm and above is really recommended

My account from the beginning of the push rank using the hero fighter/tank Hilda, this screenshot is very new because I just took it tonight. As I remember before the 200th match, the positions were epic, it wasn’t perfect, but this is the reality that I experienced when I played solo player.

The ranked matches that I experienced did not always run smoothly because sometimes they still lost. My first winrate in epic was at 71% and now it’s 61%, this is because I force playing in the afternoon and evening after 7 pm and on holidays, my advice as much as possible avoid playing at these hours.

no code statistics

As for the gear items used by Hilda, they are:

  • Bloodlust Ax, adds 70 phsycal attack, 10% CD Reduction and Unique: adds 20% Spell Vamp.
  • Warrior Boots, add 20 armor and unique: increase 40% movement SPD
  • Cursed Helmet, add 920 HP, 50 magic RES
  • Demon’s Advent, adds 920 HP, 54 Armor, and 30 HP regen
  • Athena’s Shield, adds 900 HP, 56 magic RES, 20 HP regen
  • Immortality, adds 800 HP, 40 Magic RES, Item gear with the ability when the hero dies for a while will revive with a limited amount of HP

Usually the first thing I do is build a Demon’s advent gear item, with this gear item I minimize my chances of returning to the start point so that it doesn’t take up too much time and speed up the hero level up.

Next, just add the bloodlust Ax gear item to increase the amount of damage, Immortality, Cursed helmet and finally Athena’s Shield. Anyway, it’s really good to use this hero, throw the ax and run right away haha.

The most important thing in a solo push rank is, use a hero that is really mastered. When choosing a hero quickly – choose quickly because if not sometimes the hero we control is used by our team player if that happens then explain that your winrate is good for the hero if our team player still doesn’t want to change we use hero support or just a mage better than us using a hero fighter that we don’t master.

That’s my review of how to push a solo player rank from warrior to epic with one hero. Hopefully useful for all friends, Thank you

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