How to overcome the mobile legends ranking lag due to bad internet network

Lag or I often call it rocking broken, which is a process in which a finger rubs the smartphone screen but the response is very slow, and it’s been confirmed when the online game player is playing an important match and then experiences lag at war moments!

You must know, friend, how do you feel? there are those who slam their gadgets, curse the internet that is rotten, there are some who are confused, there are also those who are silent like me but god-level tempers want to join in.

There must be a lot of things that I haven’t written about the player experiencing lag, friends can share suggestions in the comments column, I’m waiting, friend.

Here’s how to overcome the lag due to a bad internet network version of Gapunyakode

  • Make sure the internet signal is in good condition, the status bar is full, most likely the quality of the internet signal we get will be good (although some providers sometimes have a little interference, the signal status bar is full but the quality of the internet signal we get is bad), make sure before making a match especially when ranked
  • Doing internet signal testing, try setting the internet signal type between WCDMA only and LTE (4G) only. 4G LTE should be better than WCDMA only but sometimes the LTE internet signal quality for playing online games is not good, it’s even smoother when using WCDMA only
  • Setting several apn providers, choose an apn that is really smooth.
  • Playing at hours when people use the internet less, such as at 12 pm and above, apart from a good signal, players who are playing are more pro, actually we are lucky if we get pro players. Even if a pro player has experienced his name again, it certainly won’t be optimal
  • When playing lags, check the signal status whether the signal is still there or missing because I often experience the signal suddenly disappears by itself whether this is a gadget problem or an internet card problem but we can try to position our smartphone in the airplane position temporarily and then return it to normal mode again. If indeed the signal is only temporarily lost and not a serious problem then the signal will reappear
  • Provide backup internet access, when we experience a really bad internet network we can switch to a second internet access, so that when we are ranked we are not confused and still focus on being ranked. Playing with friends can be an alternative hehe
  • Lastly, if all of the above have been done but are still hanging on, we just need to play it safe to help our friends as best we can and don’t go too forward because the response we give to move the hero is a little late and we will have a hard time escaping because of the way we play. slow so have to keep playing safe

The next post I want to review about how to play mobile legend from warrior to epic with one hero in a short time.

Thus a review of how to overcome mobile legends lag due to a bad internet network, hopefully it can help friends who are experiencing lag. If you have a story when you’re together, you can take a moment to share your experience in the comments column. Thank you

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