How to Create a Table View on a Blog Page Using HTM CSS

Hello friends, no code. Not long ago I made a post that requires the appearance of a table, actually creating a table on this blog page is not too difficult because it is not much different when we will create a table on an html page like my previous post about web design. If you want to see the full details, just check on the design menu there is a complete set of codes with the results.

Ok, the first thing we have to do is go to the page to create a new post and then we change the type of how we write. On the page to create a new post on blogger we are given two choices of how to write, namely:

  1. Compose is that we write with plain text where the functions of links, html, css and the like will not be active,
  2. Html i.e. where we can write css and html functions and the function will be active.
change writing type

After we change this type of writing, the next step is to write the html and css code to create a table display on the blog page. Here’s the code you can use:

Name Age Gender
Princess 16 Woman
Son 17 Man
Tono 15 Man
Tini 17 Woman

When you have written the code above correctly, it looks more or less like below.
















The CSS code that we use this time is only width, the code is only to set the width of the table view that we will create. Here I use 50% yes this is the size for half of the body of the page, but my friend can go home using ordinary numbers, for example 320px, 720px and so on according to your wishes.

How bro not too difficult is not it? Creating a table is not too difficult if we want. That’s it, friend, a simple tutorial from me on how to make a table on a blog, I hope it’s useful. Thank you and good luck

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