How to Display Crypto Coins or Tokens in Truswallet wallet

For those of you who don’t have a code, who are just getting started with crypto, you know the term micin coin, right? Well, most of the people around me who know crypto must be asked about the micin coin. Even though it has a big risk, micin coins are indeed one of the factors that people know about crypto.

However, the crypto world is certainly not just in the circle of small coins, there are still many coins / tokens that have good potential. You can get these coins or tokens through an airdrop or you can buy them directly.

But my friend, of course, must know the basic information, right? Well, I want to share some basic info which is sometimes still a problem for new crypto users like us. What’s that ? namely how to show or display a token/coin that is in a personal wallet.

For example, I use the trustwallet application, bro, why? because this wallet is a good wallet, light, easy and safe. Safe ? as long as you don’t share your wallet code and don’t just connect it to other features, it will be safe.

How to Display Crypto Tokens / Coins in Trustwallet

  • First, friends who don’t have a download, then create a new wallet with a multi-coin type.
  • Second, to display tokens or other coins, you just need to press the top right corner menu, then it will appear as below.
  • Third, you just need to find the coin/token you want to appear in your wallet
  • Fourth, when the token/coin you want doesn’t exist, you can add it manually (add token). Scroll down and then the add token menu will appear as shown below

  • Fifth, my friend must know the “contract address” of the token and the type of ethereum, bsc, tron ​​or other network.
  • As long as the contract address and network are correct, the following fields

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