How to Open Binance on the Latest HP Browser and PC Without a VPN

Hello friends, Gapunyakode, this year many people will definitely feel how difficult it is to get money in the midst of many things that have happened, both the effects of covid, inflation and the difficulty of finding job vacancies due to being constrained by the age of this admin, hehe.

Several methods have also emerged, both starting to open new businesses and investment ideas have emerged. Of course there are many people who spend money on investments such as stocks or gold which they think will ease the impact of inflation.

However, there are new investment methods other than stocks, property and gold which the admin thinks are quite helpful for additional income.

Why Crypto?

Crypto may still be foreign to some people in our country, but I’m sure millennials already know. But this year can vary, you can know a little know enough know a lot about crypto.

Of course, there are still many people who think that crypto is ponzi, fraud, or fraud and so on. Admin can make sure that there are many types of crypto tokens/coins and of course some are good and some are not.

For example: micin coins, these coins are new coins that can go up hundreds or thousands of percent in an instant. If you are still early, you should avoid coins like this for long-term investments because they are very dangerous.

Well usually people think crypto schemes etc. just hear or feel the victim of this micin coin. Not a few who have become victims, including the admin, have also believed that crypto players must have been micined.

However, cryptocurrencies don’t always bring losses as many also make people rich over time because they choose the right token/coin. Coins that have a long life such as bitcoin, eth, bnb and many more have been able to survive this long.

If there is a friend who buys a bnb at a price, for example 15 dollars / coin, if it is sold now, it is around 300 dollars. Imagine if you buy 100 bnb coins then there is at least 30,000 dollars in your crypto wallet.

Therefore, the most effective advice for playing crypto is to buy when it’s low and sell when the price is high. This is a simple science that is difficult for crypto players to do.

How to Open Binance

Instead of digressing here and there, ok, buddy, the way to open binance is to change the domain, for example: binance (dot) com is replaced with binance (dot) me.

If you don’t want to write, just open it binance page

Is the binance (dot) me domain safe? yes it’s safe so far the admin has always used the domain open. So don’t worry, friend, because the domain is indeed used to replace dot com.

Advantages of Creating a Binance Account

Many features in binance such as staking and savings coins / tokens, many options if you make long-term investments. if the admin thinks it’s like deposits in banks, but on binance it’s easy, simple and cool.

If you want to trade daily, you can do it in the spot or futures feature. Spot is a safe way of trading without losing the assets you bought, while futures is a high-risk trade because you can lose all of the assets we have.

Therefore, it’s good for friends who want to try the future, it’s good to find out first and start the trial period with a small nominal like 2$ with a low margin only. Still, I suggest being careful, friend, because it’s dangerous to play future hehe.

So, friends, some of the information I can convey, the final decision is in your hands, so make sure you choose the right way to invest. And I’m not responsible for the loss that my friend experienced, it’s my friend who decides to bear it hehe. thanks bro for dropping by

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