How to Dodge Cancel the Mobile Legends Rank Mode Match

This time the admin wants to talk about this game, gamer friends, don’t have a code, you can join in, let’s discuss about the mobile legends game together. What’s that ? New dodge feature to cancel matches when roles don’t match.

This feature can be a weapon for us when one of our team does something that is not in accordance with a balanced role. For example, when one of our teams uses marksman 2 players, the next player can dodge with role marksman 2 again.

But this feature may still be in the refinement stage, friend, because I have experienced dodging failure with the selection scheme of 4 mage and 1 marksman, but the other mage has a dual role, namely assassin/mage.

Well, here I will share some hero schemes that successfully dodge smoothly so that there are no blunders when selecting heroes. Because there is not too much schema information, if something is wrong or lacking, you can add criticism in the comments.

Hero Scheme for Dodging Mobile Legends.

  • 4 heroes with the same role and 1 free hero. Example: 4 heroes pure role marksman and 1 hero tank
  • 3 heroes of the same role and 2 heroes of the same role. Example: 3 mage heroes and 2 fighter heroes.
  • 2 heroes of the same role, 2 heroes of the same role and 1 free hero. Example: 2 mages, 2 marksman and 1 fighter.

For the scheme that I’ve experienced, it’s only limited to that, friend, for roles it can be applied to any role as long as the scheme for the same number of roles is correct, it will be invalid, aka fail the match.

This feature is very helpful for solo players who often get toxic teams, namely their roles are not fulfilled. Hopefully solo players can have a brighter future, greetings solo player I know what you feel bro.

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