How to Overcome a Deleted Shopee Store Account

Warm greetings, friends, friends, sellers, of course they really want their merchandise to sell well, right? Of course, I will use all kinds of methods for this, but you should also comply with the terms and policies of each marketplace.

Why must comply with the T&Cs of every marketplace?

Because if we don’t comply, things will happen that we don’t want, such as having our online store deleted or suspended from the marketplace. So it’s a shame that the shop that we built from scratch only ended up being deleted.

Well, friend, here the admin will share experiences about online stores that are blocked, restricted, deleted specifically for shopee.

Things to avoid to deal with deleted/restricted/blocked accounts

  • Don’t do fake orders no matter what the conditions are

Even though we don’t do fake orders, it’s possible that your online shop will experience strange orders such as repeated orders for certain items that have low prices with the same account or the same delivery destination.

This is very dangerous because if it continues for days, the shopee will suspect that the solution is to change the price on the item so that the perpetrator will think again about making the same order.

  • Don’t buy followers instantly

Although it will make our store better with many followers, it turns out that this can be suspected by the system so that it can harm the store. However, there are also services that are good and neat so it’s safe, so the decision is back in the hands of my friend.

  • Don’t sell prohibited items

Well, according to the admin, these three things are important factors for our online store to survive and grow well. Because optimizing organically is something the system likes, even though it’s not instant but we can have experience.

So that by getting experience we can find out and gaps on how to optimize the online store properly. Even though it’s not instant, we can enjoy the growth of our shop, its ups and downs and so on.

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