Enjoy Premium Youtube Features by Installing Youtube Vanced on Our Android Smartphones

How To Install Youtube Vanced On Android – Currently YouTube is one of the mandatory applications for Android users. The reason is because on YouTube there are lots of learning resources in the form of videos that are useful for all of us. actually on youtube we can build a business and we can even build an open learning class, and the existence of this entertainment video makes people often open youtube.

You must be familiar with the term Youtuber. Youtuber is someone who plays on YouTube and often uploads content on YouTube. those who create content on youtube are called creators. This content can be original or re-uploaded from other people’s content by editing it in such a way. people want to be average youtuber because of adsense. You must have watched videos that appeared ads, now from this ad they are paid YouTubers.

Now we discuss Youtube Vanced. Youtube vanced itself is a modified application that is available in the magisk manager in the form of a module. so for friends who want to learn how to install Youtube Vanced, it is mandatory to install Magisk Manager on their Android.

Requirements before installing Youtube Vanced:

  • Install TWRP
  • Install Magisk Manager (means Ready to Root)
  • Mandatory Unlock Your Mobile BootLoader (UBL)

After these three conditions are met then we go to the installation process. follow these steps:

  1. Open your Magisk Manager
  2. Then you open the Downloads menu and search for Youtube vanced
  3. Then click on the download symbol and wait for it to finish. after that you click install. if you have done reboot
    How to Install Youtube Vanced on Our Android Smartphone
  4. After that, if you install the latest version of YouTube, you must delete your Youtube application update. if you have deleted the update then congratulations you have successfully installed this Youtube Vanced. The advantage of Youtube Vanced is that it can block ads, can be Picture in Picture and Youtube Play background. Playbackground here means that we can play videos even in minimaze and on the lock screen though.


So many tutorials this time. I hope what I write can be useful for all of you. Thank you for visiting. here I provide a video tutorial so that you can understand more easily

Note: I am not responsible for any risk of damage that occurs to your cellphone. You can try this tutorial based on your own courage. the resulting risk is bootloop, loss of cellphone warranty, and many others.

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