This is how to change your name or nickname in the PUBG Mobile Android game

Changing PUBG Character or Player Name on Android – In a game, the name or nickname will be made unix and funny so that it is interesting to see and say. Usually when we meet a player with a name that we think is very funny we will be inspired to create another unique name.

but on this occasion, the informant will not give a tutorial on how to make a unix name in pubg mobile, but the informant will discuss how to change our game account nickname, especially in the PUBG Mobile game.

Pubg Mobile is a game owned by Tencent which is currently being played, especially the mobile version. you can download this pubg mobile game for free on the playstore for android users and this game is not paid at all unless you buy clothes, helmets and so on. actually before this pubg mobile was released, there used to be a paid PC version of PUBG that you can buy on Steam.

We return to our main topic of how to change nickname or how to change nickname in pubg mobile android. we just start the steps as follows:

  1. Open Your PUBG Mobile Game
  2. Open Inventory > open box > Find Rename Card, pay attention to the following picture

    This is how to change your name or nickname in the PUBG Mobile Android game
  3. If you don’t have this renamecard card, you won’t be able to change the name or nickname from your pubg mobile account. if you have it we can proceed to the tutorial how to replace it. you click the rename card and click use, a textbox will appear where you write your new nickname

    Fill in your new name or nickname and if you have clicked ok to change your pubg account nickname

For friends who don’t have this rename card, you can buy it or you can also get it for free by completing mission 10. So after you complete mission 10 in the pubg mobile game, the reward you will receive is this rename card. so you can change your pubg mobile nickname for free. to complete this mission 10, you must complete missions 1-9 in full and then you complete mission 10.

So that’s more or less how to change your name or nickname in our PUBG Mobile Android game. I hope that what I write can be understood by all of my friends and don’t forget to hope that it can be helpful and useful for all of my friends. Thanks for dropping by here!

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