How to Lock Signal or Only 4G LTE Network on Android Xiaomi Or How To Lock 4G LTE Only On Android Xiaomi

Lock Signal 4G On Android Xiaomi – 4G network is a fourth generation technology which is the result of the development of the previous generation, namely 3G and 2G. This 4G technology is almost owned by every Smartphone today. even now the development of 5G technology has been carried out in trials abroad. You can search this 5G information on Google.

Xiaomi is a brand that is currently developing and sells electronic goods in the form of TVs, cellphones and many other things. Currently the Mobile Market in Indonesia Almost no one does not know Xiaomi cellphones. This Xiaomi cellphone seems to be mushrooming in Indonesia and its competitors such as OPPO and Vivo are also mushrooming in the Indonesian market.

This 4G technology already exists in every of your xiaomi smartphones, the advantage of this 4G is its fast Internet speed, which reaches 1 GB Download per second and 250 MB per second. but depending on the specifications of the cellphone and depending on the network of each operator as well.

The problem I face when playing games is because sometimes the network likes to move or change to 4G then 3G and causes the game to lag and of course results in losses on our part. you guys must have been busy playing mobile legend games even though the ping was unstable. This network condition causes the ping to be unstable and it is necessary to lock the desired network.

From my experience you can change the network in 3 ways on your xiaomi smartphone. The First Way:

  1. Open Settings or Settings > Select Cellular Networks or Mobile Networks > Then Choose Your Network Mode
  2. Next you guys choose which 4G Only and Wait Until Your Network Changes To 4G. if you don’t find the optional 4G only then you replace it with the second method below.
  3. Until Here the first way Done

Second Way:

  1. Open your phone dial
  2. Then Call *#*#3646#*#* by using the phone simcard that you want to change to a 4G network

    How to Lock Signal or Only 4G LTE Network on Android Xiaomi Or How To Lock 4G LTE Only On Android Xiaomi
  3. After that select Phone Information 1 or Phone Information 2
  4. Then you wait until the network change process is complete.

By following the two methods above, you can change or lock your network to 4G Only mode. To change to the original way, you just need to follow the first method and select the Prefered 4G.

A little information from me, if your cellphone supports 4G but there is no choice at all to move to a 4G network then you must reinstall your rom and install the 4G fix. usually there are several xiaomi distributors who experience this. bring a service technician and a cellphone counter who can flash cellphones. explain in detail the problem.

That’s how to lock or lock the 4G network signal only on the xiaomi smartphone. I hope this tutorial can be helpful and useful for all of my friends. Thank you for visiting!!

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