Powerful Tips and Tricks to Save Battery for Android Smartphone Users

How to Save User Android Smartphone Battery – Android is like a mandatory requirement that must be owned. many buy and use android because the price is cheap, but the problem that arises at this time is the battery power runs out too quickly. You must have experienced an unnatural run out of battery on your cellphone.

Our battery runs out unnaturally quickly because it could be that our battery has started to experience damage problems. it could be that our battery is pregnant because it is often forced to play games while it is being charged. this habit is what makes our battery quickly damaged and become quickly exhausted.

Of course, the first step that we must pay attention to is never play heavy games while being charged, because the cellphone will heat up quickly and the battery can get pregnant and damaged over time. from my experience because it’s already done and I want my friends to know that’s why I write on this blog that playing games while being charged is very dangerous for the health of your Android smartphone. besides being able to cause damage, sometimes the ic charger part can be damaged quickly and the cost of replacing it is quite expensive guys.

So never play games while charging, besides that to save the battery, you must turn off application notifications that are not really needed. Notifications that often appear can also consume a decent amount of battery power, the light settings on the cellphone are also reduced, and don’t forget to continue to monitor the use of applications that consume too much battery power in your Battery Settings section, pay attention to which applications consume the most battery and then turn it off. just. you can hibernate it with the Greenify application.

This Greenify application is very powerful to help manage memory and save our battery power usage. I myself am still using Greenify to help hibernate applications that consume a lot of our battery power. Moreover, we no longer play the application, but it is still running in the foreground system so it still consumes our battery power.

  1. You just download Greenify on Playstore. when installing greenify, choose the root one or the non-root one, depending on the condition of your cellphone
  2. then Add applications that you think consume a lot of power
  3. After that, create a hibernate icon shortcut on our home, so just click and the applications that have been registered there can be hibernated by greenify.
    Powerful Tips and Tricks to Save Battery for Android Smartphone Users
  4. In the picture above, I added several applications that I think consume too much battery consumption such as BBM, Facebook, Chrome, PUBG Mobile, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line and others. You can see a list of apps that consume a lot of our battery in the battery settings section.

So with the help of Greenify it really helped me save battery, especially when my cellphone was sleeping before there was greenify it almost drained 10% and when I used Greenify it only drained 3-4%. My normal daily usage is for games, social media and others. so when the battery wants to be charged, use greenify to hibernate the app. then let the cellphone be charged until it is full.

One more tip, don’t use our cellphones until they run out of battery. not too often because it will be fatal and can cause the battery to drain unless you try it intentionally to calibrate the battery.

Thus Tips and Tricks are effective in inhibiting the use of our Android smartphone battery, hopefully this article can be useful for friends who are experiencing the same problem as me. Thank you for reading on this blog.

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