How to View Trending Videos in Different Countries

How to Check Trending Videos on Youtube Android – Trending videos always have more views than other videos in a short time. This trending video is updated every 15 minutes by the Youtube system automatically.

By looking at trending videos, we can find out what is currently hitting in every country and in the world, besides that we will also get information about songs that are currently hits, artists who are hits, movies that are trending and what news is being watched a lot in the world. that timeframe.

So by seeing this trending video, we know what is currently popular on YouTube in that country, so for those of you who want to cover or imitate similar videos, you can try to make similar videos but be more creative so they can be trending too.

Let’s start with how to see trending videos on YouTube in the desired country, follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open the Youtube Application>Profile/Account (which is in the upper right corner)>Select settings
  2. Then Select General>Location. It is in this Location section that determines which country you want to get information from? so for example, if you want to know which videos are trending in Thailand, then you set the location to Thailand
  3. After that you return to the main page and look at the tab Trending to be able to see videos that are trending in Thailand. here are the results of the top 2 trending videos which you can see in the image below:
    How to Check or View Trending Videos in Different Countries
  4. So far it’s over

You can use the information that we get in this trending video for your purposes, for example, to write in a blog that is packaged in a news story, you can also make a video that is similar but more unique.

For friends, if you are confused by this tutorial, please watch the video below for more details:

So that’s all the information about How to Check or View Trending Videos in Different Countries. I hope the article written by the informant can be helpful and useful for all of us and can be more educational. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog.

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