Quick Review of Custom Rom Havoc Os android Pie 9.0

Quick Review of Custom Rom Havoc Os android Pie – Havos Os is a custom rom that has many features developed by seniors on the xda forum namely SKULSHADY and ZeNiXxX. havo itself already has a lot of users nowadays including me. I think this havoc is a very good and cool rom. compared to other custom roms, havoc in my opinion is better but this is just my opinion.

My experience using several custom roms such as Msm Xtended, Arrow and havoc made me want to write them here. to be honest when using havoc in build 20221016 it only made me feel at home for a week and moved to the Arrow rom. Compared to Arrow, it has minimal features, but it’s battery efficient and the Havoc is also battery efficient. both of these roms are good, then on my arrow it only lasted 3 days because I was tempted by Msm Xtended who built before the date this article was made because I forgot to check the build. The experience at Msm Xtended is enough for 1 day because my cellphone heats up quickly and the battery is very wasteful. different when I use havoc and arrow.

but for the features in xtended and havoc they are similar, only in havoc there are features of double tap to wake up and double tap to sleep. if in xtended there is no double tap to wake up feature. finally I decided to move to havoc again in the 20221027 build and survived until this article was written, it has been updated to build 20221111. This havoc rom is really top, smooth, cool and for smooth games.

Quick Review of Custom Rom Havoc Os android Pie
Havoc-OS-20221111 android pie

I myself often play PUBG Mobile on the havoc rom and it never lags, I don’t even need a customUser. This is PUBG Mobile so it doesn’t lag. so I really recommend this havoc rom, but if I read on the forums there are some other problems that you should know that this rom is not compatible with the jasper kernel. but I myself have not tried it to change the kernel to jasper, but the telegram forum at that time asked and said it did not match the jasper kernel.

For the new build I haven’t found any minor bugs, and I think this custom rom is enough for me to be comfortable and has lasted for more than a week and maybe this is what makes me lazy to go back to the miui rom. except for the miui rom there are changes that are quite tempting. I am a redmi 3s 3/32 user.

In havoc itself, there is a Gcam that has worked very well and in my opinion it is also great for doing bokeh photos. you don’t need to install Gcam anymore because the Gcam is already available when you first install the rom. For OpenGapps that I use is the nano version, you can choose your own version of OpenGapps. for the smart lock feature it also works very well.

So that’s more or less a brief review from me about the Android Pie version of Havoc Os and the Oreo version of Havoc I haven’t tried yet. so that’s my experience using this havoc rom, if my friends have something to ask, please comment on this article.

So much information from the informant this time, hopefully it can be useful for all of my friends.

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