How to activate at the same time how to use split screen on Android 9.0 or Android Pie

How to Run Two Apps on Android at Once – Split screen is a feature on Android that is used to run two application activities at once. with this split screen feature we can use two applications in one screen but not full screen alias divided into two.

Some of us may be familiar with this split screen feature. This feature used to be released on Android Nougat, but now this feature is available on Android Marshmallow on Xiaomi phones. This split screen feature is not used very often by myself, especially when I use Android 9.0 at this time, even when on Android 8.0 it has also begun to be rarely used.

But here I will show you how to use the split screen feature on Android 9.0, actually there are two ways to use this split screen feature in general, before I thought you had understood the custom button function. so we can customize as we like the buttons on our cellphones by resetting the button settings. Usually on our cellphones, there are three buttons, namely home, overview and back buttons. usually these three buttons have been set by our rom by default and we can replace them. that way we can customize between these three buttons to install the split screen feature. For example, you replace double tap or single tap with split screen settings, it will be easier to use this split screen feature.

But this time we don’t learn how to customize the button, I will teach you how to use the split screen only by default. here I am using android xiaomi redmi 3s with rom Havoc-OS-2.0-20221111 where in this rom it is already android pie. just go to the tutorial below:

  1. Make sure you have activated the feature Force Activities to be Resizeable in the developer options settings. to activate the developer option feature you can read it here and after it is active you look for the developer option settings and scroll down to the bottom to activate the feature Force Activities to be Resizeable.
  2. After that, we will use the split screen feature by clicking the overview button or your recent cellphone button and you click and hold on the symbol above the application until a spleet screen appears, then you click and you click another application that you want to run simultaneously.
    How to activate at the same time how to use split screen on Android 9.0 or Android Pie
  3. So far it’s over

How easy is it to use the split screen? further in the next tutorial I will discuss the Picture in Picture feature on android oreo but in the tutorial I will discuss it on android 9.0

For those of you redmi 3s users who are still on marshmallow, you can try it by looking at your button settings to see the procedure for using the split screen, but in general it’s the same. you just press and hold the recent button and the split screen option will appear. if on android marshmallow there is no need to activate the force to resizeable feature because it is not available and make sure you update to the latest miui version. If I’m not mistaken, the Miui 9.6.1, the Redmi 3s, already has a split screen feature.

That’s the information that the informant can provide about how to use the split screen feature on Android 9.0. I hope this information is helpful and useful for all of you. Thank you for stopping by this simple blog.

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