How to Remove URLs in Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools

Remove Dead or Deprecated Pages or Links – The blog address that displays the 404 error page is related to our blog and when accessed it can display the relevant page. If a link related to a post on our blog is no longer active, it will be recorded by Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools.

Google webmaster tools will record every link on our blog, if the link dies it will be recorded as an error 404 or error coverage not found (404). why can it be detected error 404 not found? because the link is not showing the page it should be, this is because the post that you may have deleted. but not all links detected 404 not found this indicates that the link is dead, there are some cases indeed our links can be detected 404.

When you delete a post on a blog, of course the url of the post is still left or its traces are recorded in a google search. the link is still indexed by google and we must remove it from the google index so that our blog looks good in the eyes of google.

There is a distinct advantage actually if this link is not removed, our blog will get a backlink from this dead link, you just need to redirect it or create a 404 page and then provide a search on the 404 page.

But we are still obliged to delete it for the sake of our blog’s reputation in the eyes of google. so that our blog does not experience de index later. For those of you who want to delete a link because a 404 is detected, you must first make sure that the link is indeed a link that was related to a post that you deleted so that you don’t delete a link wrongly.

Let’s start with how to remove the link:

  1. Open your Webmaster Tools and access Crawl>Crawl Error> Not Found
    How to Remove URLs in Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Next you copy the dead link and access Google Index>RemoveUrl

  3. Next google will do the deletion and this takes at least 1×24 hours. so keep an eye on your google search console and pay attention to the errors that appear then fix them. I’m currently doing repairs on some pages that are experiencing errors.
    If successful it will be deleted and you can also cancel it by clicking Reinclude but after 7 days then you cannot cancel again
  4. If you have submitted, you go to Crawl>Crawl Error> Not Found and check the url that you deleted earlier and mark it as Marks As Fixed
  5. Until this stage is complete

So that’s more or less how to delete urls that are no longer active but are still crawled or indexed by google webmaster tools. maybe some of you also have the same eye when you see google webmaster tool detects so many of our dead urls and so it makes us need to tidy up and clean them so we can be calmer when monitoring the google web master tool.

So much information this time, hopefully what I mean in this article can be conveyed to those who read it. Waiting for your criticism and suggestions and don’t forget to say thank you very much for stopping by to read my bad writing.

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