How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome Dark Mode Android – How to activate dark mode or dark mode on the latest google chrome browser is very easy. This dark mode or dark mode helps us save battery and also lighten the burden on the eyes so that it is not easy to make eyesight tired.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android

Dark mode on some Google-owned applications has indeed begun to be developed a lot, maybe this is a step to prepare for the welcome of Android Q which is also being developed by Google.

For those of you who are interested in activating the dark mode feature on this Android version of Google Chrome, you must pay attention to the version of Chrome that is used.

if you are on version 73 then you can’t activate it, because this dark mode can only be activated on chrome android version 74 and above.

Currently, the stable version of Google Chrome for Android is still at version 73 and for version 74, friends can use the Beta version of Chrome which can be downloaded via your favorite Google Playstore.

The following are the steps to enable the dark mode feature on the Android version of Google Chrome:

  1. Download Google Chrome Beta version (coincidentally in beta it has reached version 74, if you want to use the stable version, wait until it goes up to version 74)
  2. type command “chrome://flags” without quotes
  3. Then type in the search textbox with keywords dark mode
  4. after that there will appear two optional that you need to change. please change it from default to enabled as in the picture below
    How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android
    Enable dark mode on google chrome tutor by

If you are still confused by the tutorial I gave above, please watch the video tutorial that I have prepared below:

Happy watching and hopefully it can help you in activating the dark mode feature on Google Chrome. don’t forget to help subscribe, guys.. Thank you for visiting!!

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