How to Exchange Hero Positions for Players in Mobile Legends Draft Pick Ranked

The draft pick mode in ranked mobile legends starts from the epic, legend and mythic divisions. As for the division under epic, it will use the usual mode like when we play classic matches.

Before there was an update to the draft pick system, the epic division could only deactivate one hero on each team and there was only a hero swap feature at the end of choosing a hero.

After the latest system update recently, the epic draft pick division got a new additional feature, which is being able to deactivate 2 heroes for each team and apart from being able to exchange heroes, we can also change the position of our team’s players.

Like if when I’m at the top and my friend is at the bottom, then we can change my position at the bottom and my friend is at the top to be more precise.

In the image above we can see two heroes are deactivated on each team and there is a new navigation to switch player positions without waiting for the hero selection session to end.

How to Exchange Player Positions in Mobile Legends Draft Pick

  • Players who can exchange positions only players who are in the top position, namely player 1, 2, 3, 4 for the 5th player can chat requests to the player above him if you want to swap positions
  • To switch positions, players 2, 3, 4, 5 must provide information about wanting to use the desired hero by selecting the hero and selecting the I want to use button so that the player above it when it is their turn to choose a hero will see the navigation switch positions.
  • When the player is about to change the position, just tap on the navigation so the following information will appear:
change positions with no code
  • Tap the okay button will automatically switch positions
  • Done
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This new feature in the epic division is very helpful for choosing the hero that is considered the most needed by the team, especially if we don’t have the hero. In addition to swapping positions we can also exchange heroes but we have to wait for the hero selection session to finish.

exchange hero no code

How to Exchange Hero Draft Pick in Mobile Legends

  • Waiting for the hero selection session to finish
  • The main requirement for displaying hero swap navigation is that each player has the same hero
  • If these conditions are met, we just need to tap the navigation button to exchange heroes and wait for the approval of the player who we will ask to exchange heroes. If players both agree, then the hero exchange will run smoothly. Done


I actually felt the problem for the position swap feature before October, as when we were about to swap heroes.

What I experienced was that from the start I didn’t have a cyclops hero but there was a button to switch to a cyclops hero even though I didn’t have one and since a few days ago the player hero position swap feature is no longer displayed in ranked mode, there may be an error between the two features swapping heroes and swapping positions player hero, but don’t worry this is only temporary so the information I get in the game system.


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Some problems that occurred in the last month as in the review above. In the last month changing player positions or swapping positions has been temporarily disabled, but now it can be reused so you can start swapping positions, choosing the most important first hero so that the meta team remains balanced and solid. While the feature still functions normally as usual it will appear when we are all finished selecting.

That’s my review of how to exchange heroes and the position of the mobile legends ranked draft pick player, I hope it can help all of you, thank you

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